22 March 1998

King mixes it with princes and paupers


"THE RACE TRACK is where the prince and the pauper can lose money side-by-side," announced racing innocent and king of drive-time radio, Mike Carlton.

Carlton was officiating for his new bosses, 2UE, who sponsored yesterday's Todman Slipper Trial.

Also on the agenda for the award-winning journalist was judging the fashions in the field and general swanning around with the toffs and hoi polloi who collect at Rosehill during the Autumn Carnival time.

Carlton might claim to be wet behind the ears turf-wise, but the silver-tongued radio rogue proved a smooth operator. After handing out a crystal bowl to the winning owners of Laurie's Lottery, Carlton waltzed across the saddling enclosure to greet TRB chairman Bob Charley like he was a candidate for his soon-to-be-vacant AJC Committee spot.

As the two chatted like old pals, Charley broached the issue of staff relations at 2UE, prompting Carlton to reply "all the hatchets have been buried . . . into a few skulls".

Later, Carlton intimated that on-air rival Alan Jones expressed mock disgust that Carlton, who favours jeans and t-shirts, would be asked by the STC to judge a fashion parade.